Commercial Products


Window Films

Is your work place unbearably hot in the summer, and ice cold in the winter? 3M Window Film for your office is the answer. Save up to 50% on your annual heating and cooling by putting 3M on your windows, and the workplace becomes a much more enjoyable place to be.

3M adds to the natural aesthetics of your office by blending in to make it look like it isn’t even on the windows. Enhances the natural views seen looking outside and helps block out glare that makes it hard to read things inside.

Ideal use for blocking interior light glare in the evening for commercial buildings that back up to residential neighborhoods. Helps keep the light in the building and out of the residential yards. Some cities require this as code when the lights are left on 24/7.

Safety & Security Films

Protect your business assets with Safety & Security films. Thicker films provide protection against theft. Special glue and the material bond to the glass to keep the glass from flying when smashed by bricks or other solid objects, thereby increasing the safety of your customers when the window is broken.

Anti-Graffiti films protect your glass and bathroom mirrors from scratches and vandalism. Save yourself from replacing glass on a regular basis.